River Access

The Youghiogheny River takes a sharp turn through the back of our property, forming a dramatic horseshoe shape caused by a steep, high bluff which sends the river back on itself before heading downstream toward Swallow Falls.   This section of the river is designated as Wild and Scenic and offers fantastic solitude and wild life viewing.   Underwater, the Yough is stocked with trout in the spring and has great small mouth bass fishing all year.

The best access point to the water for you or your pet is from the small platform constructed at Otter Point.   There are also great views from the bench at Low Bluff, which also overlooks a small stream that feeds into the river.  If the water is low, you can wade across the river to the other side, which is also Wild Yough property.

You can also walk along the river upstream from Otter Point through hundreds of acres of state property.   Our favorite spot in this section of the river is called Rocky Bend.  Follow an old logging road (not maintained) up river until the trail starts to climb.  Then cut through the woods along  a short, wet spur back down to the river.  You’ll see some large boulders in the river and can hear the water coursing through them.  This is a great spot on a sunny day to sit and read with your feet in the water.  Also great for dogs and fishing.

For those wanting a little more adventure, take one of the unnamed “purple” trails up to High Bluff and walk out to the edge of the cliff for some more great views.

river - high bluff
High Bluff – looking back on Otter Point

Then continue on from High Bluff until you reach the “Entering Snyder Property Sign”.  You are permitted to continue on this trail through the Snyder property, cross the bridge at Herrington Manor Creek (also a stocked trout stream), and then turn right after another 25 yards back to the Yough River.  You are again on Wild Yough property and there is a little rock shoal here which is great for wading into the river, or sitting in the cool water on a hot day.   This walk adds another 1/2 mile each way to the River Trail and has stream crossings…but it’s worth it for the adventurous.

Please do NOT leave the trail on the way to the rock shoals and do NOT continue on our neighbors trail beyond this water access point at the shoals.  Rock Shoals is the very end of Wild Yough Property.

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