Go Glamping!

Glamping is a mashup of the words “glamorous” and “camping”.  Some also call it glorious camping, boutique camping, or luxury camping.  Whatever the word composition, it should really be named “comfortable camping”, as glamping is the act of sleeping in nature with all the creature comforts of home.

You’ll get the best of camping

Direct access to the great outdoors
S’mores and stories around the campfire
The sound of rain on your hut
Nature’s peaceful soundtrack
Time with family and friends
Fresh air
Without the worst of camping

Carrying all that equipment
Sleeping on the lumpy ground
Shivering (or sweating)
That half-blown-up air mattress
Sleeping bags, in general
That not-so waterproof tent when it rains

We first encountered glamping while on safari in Botswana in 2009.  We enjoyed it so much that we began exploring glamping options across Europe, including Italy,  Greece, Belgium, France, and the UK.   We stayed in bell tents, rail road cars, converted buses, yurts, shepherd carts, geodesic domes, and even a tree house.

We decided to put a little Appalachian twist on the concept and built 5 cozy wooden huts.   This would keep Wild Yough more true to the “camping” side of things while still bringing a bit of luxury to our guests.  Please explore these links to get started with your glamorous camping adventure in Garrett County.

Glamping checklist for Wild Yough

Favorite Glamping recipes

Local shopping and eating

Local attractions


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